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About McCambridge Duffy

McCambridge Duffy have helped 1000's of people deal with their debts in the UK and Ireland over the years. We have friendly staff, who are recognised for their exceptional customer service, empathy and understanding of your situation.

Longstanding Financial Firm

Our company has been running for well over 80 years, with a dedicated team of staff and several in-house Insolvency Practitioners operating in both the UK and Ireland. We are an ethical firm with the interests of both the debtor and creditor at heart, which gives us good stead in the financial sector.

Making history in Ireland

Ronan Duffy - Personal Insolvency Practitioner

November 2013 was a historic month in regards to the new Personal Insolvency Solutions in Ireland. Our very own Ronan Duffy of McCambridge Duffy made headline news by becoming the first Insolvency Practitioner to put through a Debt Settlement Arrangement for a client. You can read some relevant media articles below.

Our services

We can offer you a range of services, from personal solutions to business and corporate. See details below of the services we have available.

DSA - Debt Settlement Arrangement

A Debt settlement Arrangement or DSA is a good debt solution if you have unaffordable unsecured debts such as loans, credit card debt, store cards, overdrafts etc...

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PIA - Personal Insolvency Arrangement

A Personal Insolvlency Arrangement or PIA is a good debt solution if you have unsustainable secured and unsecured debts such as your mortgage, credit cards, loans etc...

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DRN - Debt Relief Notice

A Debt Relief Notice or DRN is designed for loans and credit card debt under €20,000.

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Bankruptcy Amendments

The laws for Bankruptcy have been amended to bring it more up to date.

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