About McCambridge Duffy | Insolvency Practitioners

McCambridge Duffy Insolvency Practitioners - When it all began

McCambridge Duffy was established in 1932 and our Senior Partner Colm Duffy, has been with the firm since 1958. For over 70 years McCambridge Duffy has been working closely with clients on their financial matters, providing sound commercial advice and helping with peace of mind.

McCambridge Duffy - At present

Over recent years, the firm has expanded significantly and has offices situated across the UK. We have offices in Dublin, Belfast, Derry, Wigan, Cardiff, Kent and Bournemouth. We have also recently opened an office in Glasgow.

In recent years we have developed into a leading provider of insolvency services and business reconstruction. We are known for the quality of our expert debt advice and representation of clients among all major lending institutions and utilise our expert technical knowledge and case experience to achieve the best outcome for all parties. With a growing workforce of over 150 staff at McCambridge Duffy, we understand how important it is to work as a team. Together we motivate and encourage each other so that, as a team, we can provide innovative and profitable debt management solutions for individuals and businesses alike.


Can we help with your debt problems?

If you or your business is struggling with your debt; find out if McCambridge Duffy can help you regain control over your finances before matters are taken out of your hands, or to find out what kind of help and advice we can give you, simply get in touch: