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Personal Insolvency solutions

At McCambridge Duffy we aim to resolve the stress and worry that debt can bring to people and businesses by offering free, friendly and confidential advice and a range of personal insolvency options. Fill in the form to find out how we can help you with your mortgage or debts or read on for more information.

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Personal Insolvency Arrangement

Personal Insolvency Arrangement

If you are having difficulty with paying your mortgage or mortgage arrears, then a Personal Insolvency Arrangement (PIA) might be a suitable solution for you.

Debt Settlement Arrangement

Debt Settlement Arrangement

If you are struggling with repaying your debts, such as credit cards, loans, shortfall debt etc..., then a Debt Settlement Arrangement (DSA) might be a suitable solution for you.

Other debt solutions

Bankruptcy - The laws for bankruptcy have been amended to bring it more up to date. Click here to read more about Bankruptcy.
Debt Relief Notice or DRN - For unsecured debts under €35,000. Click here to read more about a Debt Relief Notice.

Get help with your debt

With our vast range of experience within the Industry in both Ireland and the UK, we are ideally placed to help you, no matter what your circumstances are. Our team of friendly and experienced advisors will help you work out what solution is best for your situation and what you can realistically afford to pay towards your debts. We have 5 in-house Personal Insolvency Practitioners (also known as PIPs) who are regulated by the Insolvency Service of Ireland (the ISI), meaning we have the experts on hand for any questions you might have about your mortgage or debts.

What is a Personal Insolvency Practitioner?

A Personal Insolvency Practitioner or PIP is a professional specialising on matters relating to debt and finances. They are authorised by the Insolvency Service of Ireland to act on your behalf in dealing with any Insolvency solution such as a Personal Insolvency Arrangement (PIA) or a Debt Settlement Arrangement (DSA). The PIP is responsible for assessing your situation, advising you and guiding you through the personal Insolvency process from start to finish. You cannot avail of any Insolvency solutions without the help of a Personal Insolvency Practitioner. Click here to read more about what a PIP does.

We offer a free confidential consultation, so if you think you need the help and advice of a PIP in regards to your problem debts, get in touch. Do not pay for debt or insolvency advice when you can get it for free.

Debts we can help with

  • Unsecured Debts - Credit cards, loans, overdrafts, credit union, payday loans, store cards etc...

  • Secured debts - Mortgages, secured loans etc...

If you are struggling to pay your mortgage or your other debts and feel like you need help, then we want to hear from you. We can identify if you need the help of a Personal Insolvency Practitioner, or just some general debt advice. Fill in the form on this page and one of our advisors will call you for a free debt consultation.

Personal Insolvency Arrangement

Why choose McCambridge Duffy

Our Philosphy

At McCambridge Duffy we believe that....

"Every Problem has a solution!"

We believe that everyone should have access to sound advice, proper information and the best possible options for their situation. We pride ourselves on offering good quality, caring customer service.

Our philosophy is reflected in the feedback we receive from our many happy clients and the results in the successful plans we put forward. Read some of our testimonials below taken from our many client reviews.

1. No upfront fees - Saving you time and money

We offer a free consultation and are one of the only companies who do not charge upfront fees. Paying any provider upfront fees will only cause a delay in your case being accepted and cost you extra money that is completely unnecessary. If your solution proposal is rejected you will lose this money. DO NOT PAY UPFRONT FEES EVER!

2. High acceptance rate

We have an amazing acceptance rate for our cases. Any proposals we put forward will have a great chance of being accepted. We also fight very hard for every client to make sure their proposal is carefully considered by the creditors with the best outcome for all. Our proposals will always be based on something that is affordable to you and because of this every case we propose is unique.

3. Excellent customer service

We have an excellent customer care team. We are a family run company that haas been in business for over 80 years and have a great reputation for the service we provide both to our clients and the lenders. Our advisors have all been with us for many years and are highly trained. They will be able to answer any question quickly, professionally and with care.

About McCambridge Duffy - Making History

We are a family run business, operating for over 80 years. In this time, we have helped 1000's of people deal with their debts, which gives us good stead in the Insolvency Industry.

Personal Insolvency Practitioner Ronan DuffyWhen the changes to the Insolvency regime came into Ireland we were one of the first companies to put through one of the new Insolvency arrangements on behalf of a client. Our very own Personal Insolvency Practitioner, Ronan Duffy, was responsible for putting the case through. He also had involvement in helping to create the Personal Insolvency Act legislation for the new solutions.

In early spring 2015, McCambridge Duffy were invited as part of a delegation of 5 Insolvency Practitioner firms to meet with the Taoiseach, the Tánaiste and the Minister for Justice and give them a practical perspective of how the new legislation is operating. We gave feedback and suggested certain areas for improvement. The Government then announced that they would be introducing certain changes in April that year.

Following on from having the first arrangement in the State and also the first arrangement approved in the High Court, we recently managed to secure another first in Personal Insolvency. We successfully overturned a rejected Personal Insolvency Arrangement via the new Court challenge procedures. The court overturned the rejection and approved the arrangement for our clients.

We continue to be one of the leading Insolvency companies in Ireland and hope that we can continue to do so in the future. We aim to stay at the forefront of developments in the Industry. Have a look at the testimonials below to see what some of our clients have to say about the services we offer.

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